Thursday, March 6, 2008

A Offer like No Other

Yesterday in the CRM Software industry there was an offer put on the table for exsisting customers. This offer did not come from the CRM giant, rather from one of their competitors, The offer is comprised of an enticement program for those who migrate from CRM Software to and have a minimum of 20 user licenses. The details include a $5000 check and free data migration with the Migration Magic Button if an agreement is made by a certain date.

The Migration Magic Button is stated to quickly migrate all data along with business processes from to Salesboom, kind of a way to rest aside the moving pains and ensure the integrady of a companies information remains intact.

So I wonder if this move by Salesboom to target the customers of the largest CRM player in the market will pay off or piss off, either way it will let those who are unhappy with know there is an alternative out there, they're no long stuck.

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