Tuesday, October 23, 2007

Microsoft Shows True Worth

In today's news I am seeing alot about the price slash by Microsoft on their CRM Software Dynamics. They were able to drop the price they charge their partners to $15/user enabling them to resell it at a much lower cost then companies like Salesforce. What i take away from this is the fact that it shows just how much CRM customers have been getting over charged when they purchase their CRM Software solutions from large vendors who charge too much. It certainly makes some smaller CRM vendors like Salesboom.com look good since they have been offering their hosted on demand CRM Software solutions for as low as $40/user from the beginning. I am glad that customers now know what they should be paying for their CRM Software which should help them make decisions when it comes to future CRM purchases.

Friday, October 12, 2007

Let there be light

When a company decides to make the move to CRM Software Solutions like that of Salesforce or Salesboom.com, they are truly shining light on parts of their company that may not have been visible by all employees. There will be no more using old data because someone didn't forward you that, with CRM Software everyone works from the same database so all have the most upto date information.

Save the Trees!!!

Using CRM Software solutions can actually save the environment but reducing the amount of trees cut down each year! Just imagine the amount of memos and notes being passed around the office in the run of a day, enough to wipe out a small forest. Well if companies used CRM Software like that of Netsuite and Salesboom.com there would no longer be the need to use paper to send notes or memos, people could just forward informaiton on to anyone all within the CRM platform. Think about it.

Salesboom CRM User Behavior Study opens eyes

Finally someone took a moment and looked at how people used their software! Salesboom.com took the time in their User behavior study to find out what people are actually doing and if people are even using the software properly. This study shows us that there is still a lot of work to go if companies want to feel the full effect of CRM Software, if they're not using it right they won't get the results and this will reflect back poorly on the vendors, I'm glad Salesboom is taking the time to find out whats wrong so they can move ahead and fix it.

Thursday, October 11, 2007

General CRM Overview

CRM Software Solutions are guiding the way of business into the future. Companies like Salesforce, Netsuite and Salesboom.com are producing suites which are streamlining business workflow. The new release of Salesboom.com's V9 should prove to be a valid choice by businesses. The newer versions are coming jam packed with AJAX driven software easing the flow of tasks and cutting down on refreshes.

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