Wednesday, January 7, 2009's Cloud Dissipated: Severe Outage

As seen in this latest weather report it seems Clouds have dissipated yesterday as they experienced a 30 to 40 minute complete outage. Blogs have been talking and apparently not only their CRM Software services were lost but their entire web site was down.

With down in the middle of a business day for 30 to 40 minutes countless organizations were without their data and the tools required to complete their work. As stated by PC World Salesforce services were largely unavailable across all regions between 12:39 pm and 1:17 pm PST in the US. It was also stated that even their trust.salesforce was down stopping customers from even retrieving outage updates. has acknowledged the issue but did not say what had caused the issue leaving some wondering. On a side note does not offer its customer a service level agreement which would guarantee a certain amount of uptime. So far the only CRM vendor who offers a service level agree is which promises a 99.8% uptime.

The “ABLE’s” of Online CRM in 2009

It goes by many names; Web Based CRM Software, Online CRM Software, Hosted CRM Software or On Demand CRM Software. No matter what name you choose it is all the same, Customer Relationship Management Software accessed via the internet.

This form of CRM has been around since early 2000 and is still considered by some to be a new form of CRM when compared to its more traditional relative, On Premise CRM Software. Whether it is thought of as new or not it has more than proven that it isn’t going anywhere but up anytime soon. Predictions by Gartner in 2007 stated that CRM Software was set to exceed 7.4 billion USD in 2007 with a main cause of this growth coming from “the explosive growth of software as a service [SaaS] solutions”.

With strong growth in the past and a bright future, Web Based CRM Software provided as a service has helped many organizations since early 2000 grow their company and achieve new heights. Throughout 2009 we are sure to see much advancement in the areas of Web Services API, development of Platform-as-a-Service, simplified Customizations and Integrations and an overall increased usability.

One way to sum up what to look for in 2009 is by looking at the “able’s”; customizABLE, IntegratABLE and UsABLE.

The advancement of Web Services API plays a key role in making Web Based CRM Software easily integratable, expandable, usable and customizable. Some CRM vendors provide an API which allows them to connect their platform to virtually any other software solution currently leveraged by businesses. Organizations can new view all their information within a single location which is updated in real time across their entire organization. This level of functionality will prove to be a timesaver and is sure to increase productivity since multiple logins to different platforms with different sets of data are no longer present.

Advanced customizability also comes in the form of AJAX which allows the common user to customize areas of the CRM platform such as fields and tabs. Users can now simply click on an area of their CRM and drag it with their mouse to a desired location. Users also have the ability to hide certain areas of their CRM allowing them to provide their users with only the information needed to complete their tasks.

These features are already available from CRM vendors such as
Salesforce or and we’re sure to see these ideas greatly expanded throughout 2009. There are practically no limits to what one can accomplish with Web Based CRM, an entire organization can now have all the tools they require within one place accessible from any location with the internet.

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