Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Improve Coordination in a Business Organization

Organizations are always looking to increase productivity, smooth processes and cut down on the time it takes to complete tasks. When an organization is well coordinated and has smooth workflow processes they not only improve their output but they also improve their quality of work and accountability within the organization. In order to improve coordination certain tools must be present to allow for interdepartmental coordination and for employees to better collaborate on tasks. These particular tools can be found within business solutions like Web Based CRM Software. Many Online CRM solutions provide organizations with coordination tools like a shared calendar, instant messaging services, web self service portals and document, report and task sharing functionality. These tools allow individual employees as well as team members to function more effectively since all company information, documentation and historic events can be located within a single platform.

With a shared calendar and the ability to share documents, reports and tasks team members will poses all the tools they require to operate smoothly. A shared calendar will allow team members to view when other members are not in or taking vacation which will prevent the assignment of tasks for that particular time period which could delay a project. Also, having the ability to share documents and reports within a secure environment keeps all needed resources at the finger tips of the right people.

Other CRM tools including Instant Messaging and Web Self Service Portals improve coordination both within and outside of your organizations walls. A self service portal can lighten the work load your customer service receives with customer self service forms and allows your business to better collaborate while searching for related cases within a knowledge base. I have seen many different ways organizations attempt to maintain contact including the use of public messaging services, emails, phone calls and so on but none have worked as well as a secure internal messaging system. This will remove all chance of an important file making its way to a public messenger and will also make sure that employees are not spending more time chatting with friends then working with co-workers.

When looking for ways to increase the coordination within your organization there are some providers who can supply your organization with these particular tools and there are also CRM vendors like Salesforce and who provide these coordination tools as part of a complete CRM solution. To find the best fit for your company I suggest researching all options and even taking some free trials which are often offered to get the best feel for what your organization requires.

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