Friday, January 18, 2008

Church Management Software

With all the buzz around CRM Software for SMB's or companies of any size, we tend to forget about the management needs of groups and organizations. These groups need similar software to manage members, financial transactions and any other daily tasks. For example, Church Management Software can assist and ease the work involved in managing church members and all other administrative aspects, these organizations look to grow the same as any other business.


Bridget A. Macaskill said...

Absolutely right, I do agree with your post. By the way I am a member of Baptist Church at Sacramento. Our church use web based church management software designed by Congregation Builder, It is really good software to use. It gives us Camp Management, Church Web Calendar & Event Registration.oculo es

Awais Tariq said...

I think these software's are very important to use nowadays but need to use graphical directory concept like Church software

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